for tiny things

World’s smallest JavaScript-like engine for microcontrollers


A script engine in as little as 16kB of ROM and 300B of RAM.


Quick and easy integration and portable across a wide variety of devices


Supports a useful subset of the ECMAScript specification.

A selection of the most important JavaScript features

A selected core subset of the JavaScript language, to give you the best of both worlds: a high level language and an ultra-low memory footprint. It gives you modern features like exception handling, classes, arrow functions, and modules.

Tuned for tiny devices

Hand-optimized for ultra-low power devices that don’t have much space to spare. Microvium uses a small fraction of the RAM and ROM space of other engines that support these language features.

Open Source

A permissive open source software license removes the complexity of integrating Microvium into an existing proprietary codebase, and gives you confidence in what you’re getting.